Sideline Policy

An Anti-Bullying Approach

The protection of the referee through an anti-bullying policy will be the catalyst for change in your football organisation. It is sometimes very difficult to manage behaviour and to keep emotions under control, however it is very easy to identify bullying when it's characteristics are outlined in a policy. Anti-bullying policies are a very powerful tool in enforcing good behaviour because of the stigma that comes with the label of a bully and let's be honest, bullying is what the referee is experiencing.


This very simple but effective diagnosis of sideline behaviour is the benchmark you can create in your club or organisation, to allow you to effectively trigger your individual disciplinary procedures.


  Remember...We can't wait for the last whistle to fall silent

before the bullying does.

'Don't X The Line!'

Empower - Protect - Support

Welcome Your Referee

Delegate a meet and greet representative to welcome the referee and let them know you are part of the Refspect campaign

Policy Download

Each member of your organisation must sign the policy. Please print a copy for your referee to read and take home.


Uphold the policy during the game and signpost the referee to the Refspect website


Refspect is an Anti-bullying programme developed by Don't X The Line CIC. For media correspondence and public engagements please contact head office.


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